Newburi pasture managment:new beginning for ancient ways

Now comes i, big ben; to press the record; with “reference” for all to see; may you find what you seek. Much, most will be left to the mind of the intuitive reader and keen observer; thus “reference”. Enjoy the journey within,…but seriously, get outside! Imagine your in a dark room. How do you get out?

“scientific consensus is not scientific evidence.”

Opiners not sought for want of time. Albeit, i aware; likely to be smacked with elsewhere. More important to i: known intuitive action.

What follows is my journey thru the land i and my forbears, inhabit; upon land of Newburi, known generally to exist within Essex County, of Massachusetts. As i journey upon the land, here i take stalk of what is written by others; my story, as yet, unwritten.


 In the coming years this page will document information relative to the restoration of silvopastures upon the land of Newburi. The focus of information is essentially bound between the Newbury/Clinton line on the NW; and Bloody Bluff line merging from SE somewhere offshore presumably.The unique geology of the stratified NorthEast coast, specifically of Essex County, has been home to many peoples throughout time. A complete story of the America’s NE coast, and that of human migrational history, has yet been written.

What was this “primitive society” of New England Natives like and how did they come to “own” the land?  How many were there, where and how did they live, were there “tribal” boundaries, how did they travel, and communicate?




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